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Roof Leak Repair

There are many reasons you might need roof leak repair. They all have several things in common. Leaks can be difficult to locate, they will always worsen, and they are the leading cause of natural damage to homes. Regardless of the type or age of your surface, chances are your roof will need a fix at some point. When that time comes, we are here to help.

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Roof Leak Repair Service

Many things can go wrong on your topside surface, and many reasons to call a roof leak repair contractor.

Improper installation – The leading cause of failure for a new shingle surface is improper installation methods. This could be using the wrong barrier layer, incorrect nail patterns, improper sealing around intrusions, and several other issues. Some are quick and easy roof leak repair issues, and some require a total roof replacement.

Age – When asphalt shingles reach the limits of life expectancy, they will lose the protective granule coating. The sun will cause the exposed asphalt layer to soften and curl, and then become brittle. Pieces will begin to fall, and a strong wind can remove entire sections. By that time, the rooftop might need replacement.

Hail damage repair – Hail can chip away small pieces of the protective grit. It can also cause separations in the underlayment. Sun can weaken the exposed shingle roof material. These sections can easily lift and break during a high wind event. A complete inspection should be performed after a hail storm to prevent water damage in the future. The hallmarks of a hail storm are often visible only to a trained eye. Once storm-related leaks occur, whole sections of a shingle roof might need replacing.

Impact damage – This is caused by something striking the surface. It is a common but usually simple roof leak repair. Falling tree limbs, stray baseballs, climbing kids, and adults can harm shingles or tiles, as well as the barrier layer and decking. Fortunately, these problems are easy to find and repair.

Loose seals – Poor seals around flashing, vent pipes, exhaust fans, chimneys, and other rooftop protrusions can allow water to enter the home. These are surprisingly common and simple to repair.

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Home Roof Repair

Residential roof leak repair can often be done without the need for a total roof replacement. This will depend on the age and condition of the surface – and how fast you solve the problem. Water intrusion usually begins slowly and inconspicuously in residential roofing. It may start as a little water that seeps into the wall or attic. It is very often unnoticed by the homeowner until it shows up as a water stain on a wall or ceiling, rotted-out insulation, or mold in the attic. Water that is entering a home may travel a long distance from the shingles, making the source difficult to locate.

The best roof leak repair is the one performed before the water has found its way into your home. A yearly inspection is highly recommended. Our certified inspector will locate any compromised area on the surface and inspect your attic for signs of water intrusion. Any loose seals around vents, flashing, and intrusions will be repaired immediately. Your gutters will be checked and cleared of any debris. Your attic ventilation will also be evaluated. We believe in prevention as the best remedy.

What About Insurance?

Call us for emergency roof repair, or shortly after the bad weather has moved through the area. We can help with your insurance claim. We’ve been helping with the insurance claims process for our valued customers over 30 years. This experience has taught us the best way to handle each situation with different insurance companies. It is crucial that you report any suspected damage as soon as possible; there are time limits in which to file. If you have been through a severe storm, especially hail, call us immediately for storm damage repair.

We provide roof leak repair in Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, or any nearby city. Call us today at (317) 626-6741 for a free estimate.

  • Jonathan
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    "Great company to work with. Had the job done in one day with no debris left over. Worked with us on style/color choices and even helped with the insurance paperwork. Hope I don't have to replace another roof, but I would hire these guys again if I do."

  • Dan Miller
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    "Working with Ace Roofing was very easy. They were responsive from the first phone call to the last detail. We had them remove a 100 year old slate roof and re-roof, along with all new gutters and gutter guards. Rodney is highly professional with much...."

  • Eric Ballman
    5 Star Rating

    "I just wanted to let you know that your team did an excellent job installing our new roof! The new roof looks fantastic on the house and I sincerely appreciate your willingness to help us out on such short notice. Your team not only did an excellent job...."

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